Every year in the United States there is a shooting mostly at a University or at a public place. Someone who has a specific grudge against a specific person or over a society or the Government opens fire indiscriminately. Most of the presidential candidates talk about banning guns and insist that gun safety is important. Have they ever been successful? No not at all.

That is because there is a big industry behind this that caters to many people who work there and there are corporate who produce these guns and are interested in selling these guns. However is corporate lobbying the reason for selling legal weapons and their accessories? Again No that is not the main reason, the main reason is that common man still fears for his safety and he prefers having his own safety in his own hands in the form of hand guns and firearms rather than waiting for someone to come and save him when the situation demands.

Guns are popular:

There are many guns that are popular and have been designed since long time and is preferred by many people and law enforcement agencies. Many people have these guns for their own protection and hence do not subscribe to the view of totally prohibiting legal use of weapons.

Guns have good design:

Modern day guns have been used since a long time. For example the glock 17 has been designed long back almost after the Second World War and the same design is still used in later models like glock 19. Hence guns have been used for a long time and it is part of the culture.

Accessories are readily available:

The accessories for guns are also easily available. The Ruger LCP, as its name suggest is light weight compact pistol that is easy to hold and use. It can be concealed easily and the ruger lcp accessories like clip, grip and holsters are easily available even on ecommerce sites. The ruger 10 22 is a rifle and the 10 22 accessories are also available online. Thus buying accessories is not a difficult task.

They are safe:

Most of these guns have good safety mechanisms as well; the gp 100 has the patented transfer-bar trigger safety mechanism that prevents any accidental discharge of the firearm. Thus these guns are safe from accidents as well.

They fit to budget:

Another important factor is the cost. There are various guns available based on the price one is willing to pay. However for every price there is a gun available. The features vary based on

the price but nevertheless one can afford one or the other gun within his or her budget. For example, the glock 17 price is not that high for the size and its capacity.

When availability is high, accessories are also readily available, usage is simple, they are accident safe and price is also as per the budget then why would one not have a gun for their own safety. Instead do you expect them to say no we don’t want guns and we hope that some law enforcement person would save me from the thief or rapist? No that is far from reality and banning of guns can only remain on paper.

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