The immense popularity:

Everyone wants to shoot aerial pictures and post them on social media. It has become the fad of this year to be able to get their hands on a drone and be able to visualize how the world may be looking from the bird’s eyes!

The market is flooded with options:

Even if we presume that the common person understands the technical working of this gadget, the model numbers and the technical specifications and the different nomenclature used by different countries of the world can create a lot of confusion in the minds of the buyer. The gadgets are not cheap in price by any standard and when buying such a pricey thing, it is always recommended that the buyer tries to do his research before ending up at the store buying something that is really not meant for him.

How can you get value for the money?

For the best and the latest, you will be charged a premium and that’s a given. There are also cheaper alternatives in the market but the tech freak that you are it will be very hard for you to be able to compromise on the quality and the configuration of the gadget. You must tread the middle path. Researching the drone that you wish to buy is the first step towards that end.

How does doing research of the market help?

Proper research of the market and the features that are offered in the various drones will give you an opportunity to be able to compare the various copters in the same category and across the categories, thus opening your minds to the choices that are available to you whether it is the online or the offline market.

The best cheap drones:

If you are looking for cheap drones the sourcing can be done from Chinese factory outlets and there is no real warranty that you can expect from such gadgets. Even though people who buy these drones say only one in a thousand happen to be defective, the rest all work quite well and deliver good value.

For the brand conscious, here is the list:


2. UDI U818A HD+



5. HUBSAN X4 H107C

Dji phantom 4 review for 2016:

Awesome control and great flying range, a lot of beginners preferred to buy this model of drone in the year 2016. The ease of navigation is obvious because even a three year old kid can easily maneuver it. It is feature rich and can avoid obstacles. Super camera and great GPS signal made this the most desirable machine of the previous year.

The best drones for kids:

Our pick for the kids is

1. SYMA x5C

2. SKY VIPER HD V950 video drone

3. TRAXXAS 6608 LATRAX heli

Here is UDI 818A Quadcopter review:

Have you seen a quad flip?

When the 818a is in the air, it is fun to see it rise up to 10 feet mid air and then does flips. The drone may have to be navigated safely from there otherwise there is a danger of it crashing. But when you master the 818A, it is great for doing stunts. The ease of learning the controls is very good and it can be mastered in a matter of an hour.

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